Water Bungalows

Looking through maldives beach resort prices and want to book sun island resort & spa maldives water bungalow / sun island resort water bungalow maldives? one of the best water bungalows in maldives, set on the Indian ocean, surrounded by turquoise water, these maldives private villa s are Large and fully furnished, the sun island resort water bungalow are accessible by a wooden jetty, separating the hideaway from the rest of the resort, spend you Maldives honeymoon on one of our villas, rest and relax with your loved one on your personal sun deck, enjoying the view of the vast horizon. These ocean villa Maldives give you either sunrise or sunset view. Attached is a staircase leading down to the lagoon, where you can swim and snorkel at your own privacy in your own sun island resort and spa water bungalow.

Villa Specification

  • Bungalow
  • Over the water
  • 1 Room
  • Single Villa
  • Balcony View
  • N/A
  • private Jacuzzi
  • 32 sq ft.



Contact info

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H.Dawn Dew.1st Floor, Asrafee Magu, Male, Maldives.