Ocean Residence with 2 Pools - Three Bedrooms Joali Maldives


3 Bedrooms Ocean Residence with 2 Pools
Wake up every morning with serene tranquility. The sunlight enters directly to your rooms from the glass windows and flaunts it's majestic colors, while the waves move sexily sending caressing winds to give you the chills. These extraordinary retreats are luxury and full of modern amenities and comfortable furnishings, the thatched roofs and raw woods give a special Maldivian touch. The extra luxe touches to the residence makes it special; the residence features three bedrooms, two Infinity pools, two living rooms and private balconies, dressing rooms with twin built-in closets and private spa treatments rooms. Ideal for families or large groups of friends.

Villa Specifications
  • Beach Beach
  • Balcony View Balcony View

Joali Maldives

Nestled at the heart of the Indian Ocean, a pearl of never-ending beauty surrounded by sugary white beaches and hugged by the turquoise blue waters, architectured in luxury, more like a jaw-dropping painting, the utmost entrancing island haven, created in collaboration with world-renown artists and local artisans, Joali Maldives invites you to holiday in style and reconnect with nature.

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